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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Younger Series Similar to Artemis Fowl

Title: Quest for the Elfin Elixir: A Duncan Family Adventure (Book 2)
Author: Ami Blackford
Illustrator: Ami Blackford

Publisher and/or Distributor: Red Cygnet Press
Publisher Website:
Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-1-60108-021-9
Price: $16.95
Publishing Date: Sept 2007
Reader: Bob Spear
Rating: 5 hearts

If your children readers liked the Artemis Fowl, they’ll love this series. The author, a recent graduate of the Atlanta College of Art, combines the elements of modern day action with fairies and other such magical creatures. This particular episode has Ruth Duncan and older brother David traveling to the Caribbean with fairy Simone to find a magical elixir. The only problem is it is held by a group of elves who live in a cave under the ocean. Even with the best of diving equipment, how will Ruth find the courage to go diving under the surface of the sea when she’s terrified of diving? We rated the story and its attendant illustrations five hearts.

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