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Friday, March 7, 2008

Now It Can be Told

Most of my readers here and at my book review site have probably notice I haven't written a review since November. Now I can tell you why. Once again, I was selected to be one of the judges in this year's Publishers Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Awards. I don't get paid for that, but it is a huge credibility booster and a chance to see some of the newest small press and self-published books for this past year. Imagine my dismay when I received two shipments totaling 54 books of popular fiction. This week I finished reading the last of these and rendering my scores. One book I had to recuse myself from judging because I had been its content editor (Ascent into Darkness).

Since I finished on Tuesday, I have read a wonderful YA SF Adventure novel, Para World Zero, which I will write its review later this morning. I also tried to read another book, but it was too poorly written to review. Despite our attempt to filter books offered, we still get substandard ones occasionally. That's when I prove my worth by sifting the wheat from the chaff.

You're going to see many more reviews of excellent books for gifted and reluctant readers now.

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