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Saturday, December 8, 2007

New Source for GRREAT Books

Do you want an easy source for many of the books reviewed and talked about on this blog? We have formed an alliance with the largest book distributor in the world, Baker & Taylor, who will do our fulfillment for books ordered online from our bookstore's extended catalog service called GRREAT Books. We've been working on this for months and have finally gotten it up and operating. Please go to to see what we have. As a major added bonus, you can get the following three free offerings:

A) The chance for a free subscription to our monthly newsletter, Getting Your Child To Read

B) A free special report entitled, Gifted & Reluctant Readers

C) Free Entry into the Baker & Taylor 2,000,000 Titles data base in addition to our almost 200 book recommended list. They offer musical CDs, as well as DVDs as well as books.

We look forward to your comments and your orders. Please let your friends know about us as well.


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