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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Book for Military Families who have Lost a Loved One in Battle

Title: Danny’s Dragon
Author: Janet Muirhead Hill
Illustrator: Pat Lehmkuhl
Publisher and/or Distributor: Raven Publishing, Inc.
Publisher Website:
Pages: 190
ISBN: 0-9772525-0-7
Price: $10
Publishing Date: 2006
Reader: Bob Spear
Rating: 5 hearts

This mid-grade novel is badly needed by the families and children of soldiers who have lost their lives. Danny’s dad is shot down in the Iraq war. With no money coming in, Danny’s mom is about to lose their ranch. Danny finds solace on his horse, which he imagines is a dragon. He submerges his anger of losing his father and his guilt feelings that he was the one that forced his dad to go back on active duty to get enough money to buy Danny’s horse. Held in emotions can cause problems and do so in Danny’s case. Meanwhile, Danny’s mom has her own issues, which come forth in her hobby of painting. There is conflict galore and many parallels to other young peoples’ plights, which are addressed in this book, and which is nicely illustrated with pen and ink drawings. We rated it five hearts.

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