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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interests and Hobbies

If you want a child to become more interested in reading, it is best to know what his or her interests and hobbies are.But, that's only the first step. Now comes the harder part--you must find content, excellent content, that supports these interest areas. The best places to find content are at your local bookstores, libraries, and online. Other places are the recommendations of associations and organizations of interest areas. For example, if your son is really into skate boarding, google "skate boarding organizations" and see if there are any recommended reads on their sites. If not, contact them and see if they know of any good books to read on skate boarding. In other words, do your due dilligence--research what's out there. You can always call our bookstore, (913) 682-6518, The Book Barn, in Leavenworth, Kansas and ask. We may know what you need.

We do have some good news, later this summer, we will be going on line with our GRREAT Books catalog site, where we will be offering many books we feel support reluctant readers. We're still in the negotiations phase of locating all the e-commerce elements necessary to make this happen, but we should be up and running by July.

What are your wants and needs for good books.

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