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Sunday, April 22, 2007

We Both Read Series

Overcoming reading reluctance starts early by giving children positive reading experiences. This series is designed to do just that.

Title: We Both Read Series
Author: Various
Illustrator: Various

Publisher and/or Distributor: Treasure Bay, Inc.
Publisher Website:
Pages: 48
ISBN: various
Price: $3.99
Publishing Date: 2002 to Present
Reader: Bob Spear
Rating: 5 hearts

We occasionally review a series of books from a publisher, rather than an individual book from the series. This means we see a similar quality from the series and are impressed with it. Such is the case for the “We Both Read” series. These are colorful books designed for use by the 5-7 year-old range and their parents. The books cover a wide variety of nonfiction and fiction subjects. Their unique feature is the structure of their layout. Each left-hand page is to be read by the parent or teacher. The right-hand page is much simpler so the child can read it. The pictures and the words are informative, humorous, and fun. The books allow the grownup to model good reading while giving more detail, while the child can contribute at his or her level. These books enhance bonding as well as developing reading skills. The specific book on pets, which I read, was really funny and interesting—making for a pleasant reading experience. Its pictures were adorable, and its text flowed easily back and forth between the adult and child reading levels.

This series can also be used as a step-up for slightly older children reading the adult side, so they can gain confidence in their reading abilities while having fun. We rated this series five hearts.

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